Bonded Pelmets



Over the past few years the popularity of roller blinds has seen a huge growth in our clients using BONDED PELMETS. This product can be purchased with your new blinds or at a latter date , With over 400 fabrics and colours you can match your new or existing roller blind or use a subtle contrast to add some character to a plain roller blind . Bonded Pelmets are made from craft wood and then lined with the fabric of your choice, they are fitted with returns to cover side of roller blind, they also have a top section to keep dust out and increase the insulation around your window, Bonded Pelmets can be made up to 4.5 mtrs wide, and the depth of the pelmet face can be from 80mm to 300 mm ( most popular depth around 180mm) 

We have retro fitted many homes were original roller blind fabric was chosen to be plain and maybe a little basic , but adding a bonded pelmet with a textured fabric  has changed the look of the existing blind , and added real warmth and character to the room

Our prices for this product our amougst the best in melbourne