Crank Operated Awnings

Crank operated Awnings


Crank operated awnings can be used to suit a variety of different situations , most common use in back veranda where you may have large alfresco area , the blind is usually mounted to a main beam or posts either side of the opening, there are no guides or tracks so the crank mechanism enables you to wind the cloth up and down with the help of a crank handle , as the the blind has no spring and is not under tension it will stop when you stop winding the crank, it is usually fitted off with 2 locking positions .

The crank system  also suits clients that find it difficult to use large awnings , the ease of controlling the blind with the crank makes operation a lot simpler

Crank operated blinds are also useful in tight places where you want your blind to stay very close to a wall or window, even an application where there is little or no fixing can be overcome with a crank

when I come out to see you I can advise if this products suits your situation