Duel Roller Blinds

Duel Roller Blinds

Duel Roller blind Systems


Duel Roller blinds are a combination of day and night, The Screening Blind brings light and life into the room , the blockout blinds shields us from the sun and protects our room

There are 2 methods that duel rollers can be installed, the first is on a double or combo  bracket , this bracket is usually mounted to the face of the window , the bracket houses both blinds and each blind works independently. This method can also be used within the recess of window but you need a deep reveal to addequetly mount both blinds

The second method is what we call ONE in / One out, this allows you to put the screening blind inside the window reveal , and mounting the blockout blind on the face of the window , sitting close to the frame maximising insulation and light control, also offering privacy as it is overlapping the  glass area.

We have a endless supply of screen and blockout materials to choose from and the combinations of colour and texture are all part of making your windows functional and practical , with a look that will furnish your room for many years.